PASSuk Parent's Advice On Social Service's.

PASSuk Parent's Advice On Social Service's.


Templates For Complaints.

22 Aug 2020

To Be Used As A Complaint Regarding The Mental Health Act.

To be submitted to your director of children services via email once you have sent the email leave it no more than 12 hours to ring the directors main office not social care department! remember to ring them during there open hours you will get through to his personal assistant so be polite at all costs you need these people on board get her at first name basis as this is the person who you will have the most contact through you need this person on your side you need to ask her if the director has received your email that you sent earlier now pa's are ever so sweet so she will tell you the director has your email and is looking into it. This is now where you play hard ball ok so listen up and listen well using these exact words "I'm requesting a call of action regarding my email could you kindly pass this on to the director for me" she won't be silly she will know what your game is and she will know you have just playing her right Into your hands what you are doing is leading this pa into fail sense of security gaining her trust a little to allow her to reassure you the director has your email and is looking Into it then you are going in for the kill by requesting a call of action on your email. she is like lamb to slaughter I'm afraid because she has at this stage admitted to you that the director has read your e.mail and is looking into your case. so now she can't take that statement back then you hit her with a double wammy home run after making it bingo game set and match. 

Dear [NAME]

I am writing to you in respect of my [son/daughter/brother/sister/family friend, etc]. He/ she [insert here a summary of their disabilities], and as a result lacks the capacity to make decisions concerning his/her welfare [be more specific if there is a particular issue of concern, eg where they live, medical treatment decisions, contact with others, etc].

As you will be aware, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) governs the process for decision-making in someone’s best interests where they lack the mental capacity to make that decision themselves. The Act says that when a person lacks capacity to make a decision themselves, a decision must be made in their best interests. If there is a dispute over mental capacity, the MCA and its code of practice also govern the process by which that dispute should be resolved.

While the term ‘best interests’ is not defined by the MCA, section 4 of the Act provides a list of some of the matters that should be taken into account when considering what is in an individual’s best interests. The code of practice to the MCA provides detailed guidance on what should be considered, and the steps that should be taken, when considering best interests. In particular, I would like to draw your attention to the requirement that a best interests decision must take account of all the relevant circumstances and, in particular, should include the following steps:

1. Encourage [insert name] to participate as fully as possible in the decision-making process.

2. Consider [insert name]’s past and present wishes and feelings and the beliefs and values that would be likely to influence his/her decision if he/she had capacity. [Insert specifics here if relevant, eg your cultural or religious background].

3. Consider the views of anyone engaged in caring for the person or interested in his/her welfare. Clearly this would involve me as [insert name]’s [insert relationship]. Steps need to be taken to properly consult.

This does mean that both [insert name] and I should be fully involved when any decision is being made on his/her behalf.

Involving [insert name] will mean taking practical steps to assist him/her in communicating his/her wishes or preferences, for example [explain how they might do this, eg by using simple language or pictures]. [Insert name] may need help to express his/her wishes or preferences, so you may need to involve someone who knows him/her well – such as me – in this.

In addition, you need to consult with me and anyone else interested in [insert name]’s welfare, to get our views. I do not need to be appointed a ‘welfare deputy’ in order to be consulted.

I have written this letter using a guide that has been published by Ambitious about Autism, Mencap and the Challenging Behaviour Foundation. The guide was based on legal advice. I would therefore be grateful if you would contact me on [insert your contact details] so we can work together to ensure that all decisions regarding [insert name]’s welfare are taken in his/her best interest.

I have copied this letter to [insert name of LA/NHS body/care manager, etc].

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely

[Print name]
9 Jul 2019

For A Grandmother To A Judge.

Your honourable judge _______

I am writing this in regards to__________
My name is _________ I am the grandmother of_________ aged_____ who is currently placed ______ in your local authority’s care system.
I am officially writing a request to ask you to please allow me to visit my grandson with his father_______ my son to allow me to be able to accompany him to one of his contact visits at the contact centre in order to visit with my grandson.
I will comply with whatever conditions you place on this contact, in order to see my grandson one time with your consent to ensure that my grandchild’s best interests are top priority.

Kind regards
Print name ___________
Date _________

4 Aug 2019

For A Mum Requesting Immediate Contact Under Unforeseen Circumstances.

To ________

My name is _________ my child _______ aged _______ is currently placed in your local authority's care system.
I am emailing you to request that a new parenting assessment be carried out and undertaken by your department.
Unfortunately due to the recent death of an immediate family member ________ who died suddenly on __________  I have had a call from the allocated social worker __________ today informing me that my child has not taken it very well to say the least.
I would like you to agree to an immediate contact session to be arranged for me to see y child and to be able to explain fully what has happened.
I fully intend to submit an application in to the family courts to revoke the care order you have placed on my child.
I hope we can work together on this plan and that you can see my request for a new assessment as a first step in this direction.
I will always work openly and honestly with your local authority and hope that by doing this it will
become apparent that this is in ________ best interests.
Can you always reply via my email address for my legal teams evidences.

Kind Regards
Print name ____________
Date __________
4 Aug 2019

To use as guidance when asking someone to write you a character reference. 

Dear sir/madam

I am... Of (address). I can confirm that I have known... For.. Months/years.

I write this letter to offer the court my opinion on.......... And her general character. In the time that I
have known her I have witnessed her make a lot of changes to her lifestyle. She has certainly calmed

down a lot since proceedings began and she lost her child.

The impact of not having contact with her children  on her has..

In the time I have known her she has not been negative about her ex and I am confident that should you grant her contact with her children, that this is an opportunity for her to prove that she can act according in a positive light all she wants is what is in her child's best interests. She would not "talk negatively" either in the child's presence
or otherwise as she understands that this amounts to emotional harm and parental alienation and
she only wants to move forward positively in the future and has come to realise that the children's dad is past and that he is no longer considered or concerned In her personal and private life anymore she only wants what is best for her child and she can now seperate to to and can at last be on friendly terms and discuss the children and see the positive qualities that dad holds and does with their children and she even praises him on his merits.

(Any further comments)

I declare that the information I have provided in this character reference is true and accurate to my
knowledge and I understand that if anything contained within this reference is found to be untrue

that I may be liable for prosecution.

Should you require any further information please feel free to contact me on the following details:

Name/address/phone number
Yours faithfully

4 Jul 2019

Textbook Threshold Response To Use In Court For A Public Law Outline Defense.

I can genuinely understand why children services had concerns and felt the need to intervene. In the beginning I would have been concerned if I was them also, but i feel have come along way, I have made many positive changes to address these concerns and I feel that I have made major significant positive changes to the way I perceive things and my outlook and insight to life now it has been a huge learning curve and I feel that I have learnt a lot and as such I am a much more confident person than I used to be. I know working with children services has at times been strained and we have all had heated moments but no two parents raise their children the same way and the social worker should be open to the different ways that all families raise their children, we live in a world with different cultures and different beliefs and that should not be discriminated against but it should be embraced and encouraged (social worker’s code of ethics) I do not feel that having a strained turbulent relationship with the social worker is justification to be labelled aggressive or intimidating I am just a parent trying to work within a very difficult sphere where it does not matter what my family do it is never right or good enough and everything positive we achieve we know that it will be turned into a negative factor instead of encouraging and supporting us on our efforts and all the positive changes we have made. I want to work openly and honestly with my social worker and to move forward from this learning curve in a positive light for the well being and best interests of my children but to be able to do this it needs to be a two way revolving door and a working relationship where the social worker is also prepared to work open and honestly with us as well I feel I have learnt a lot and have gained a lot of insight and knowledge working with agencies sent in to work with my family by children service’s but i could have learn a lot more if the social worker had of worked with my family positively and not attacking negatively. 
But what is done is done we cannot change the past its now how we move forward from all this in a positive light.
I understand the social worker’s concerns and accept i am part to blame I know my faults and I am trying my hardest to be a better parent but no parent is perfect we all have faults Mary popping is fictional after all I don't know all the answers and we all learn from the mistakes we make in life but it should not be at the expense of our children I admit I could have done things differently and better but i can not change the past I can only change the future and we are all different throughout the world my house was a little messy but my children where happy now they live in placement and are unhappy and confused so my question is who is to blame for their future emotional harm now from this point on.
Everyone is different I am a stay at home parent my children had my undivided attention and I am still learning from my mistakes you are a full time working parent where your children do not get your undivided attention and maybe you have to hire a babysitter to look after your children where as I have always been their for my children 24/7 all throughout their lives And you may probably find that extremely hard to do..... can you see the clarity of what i am trying to point out to you where i have positive factors and my strength lays as a parent others may struggle to juggle their lives. Every parent is different we all have different views, morals, religions, cultures and beliefs.

30 Jul 2019

A Template For New Mothers To Use Either As A Formal Complaint Or As A Threshold Response To Edit And Use For Both Purposes.

Telephone number

To the director ________ 
To your honourable Judge ______

I am ______________ mother to ________________ date of birth ____________whom of which are under your Local Authorities.
I am writing this to raise my thoughts and feelings in my absence of my presence in court. I feel that your Local Authority has acted ultra vires, that is outside of their powers. My reason are outlined below.

On __/__/___ the social worker assigned to my families case namely __________________Completed a public law outline as part of my pre-birth assessment, she has behaved in such a way while performing her professional duties that can only be described as misleading misconduct and incompetence with a total disregard to my human rights.

I was lead to believe I would be bringing my son home and that I was being given a fair chance i say this on the grounds that our social worker encouraged us to tell our other sons In placement that they would be seeing there baby brother very soon.

I gave birth to ___________ on __/__/____ my Court hearing Is tomorrow on __/__/___ at _____ it now transpires that this is no longer the case and they wish to remove my baby boy and that I will not be given a chance to prove that I am a good mum who can meet our sons needs which my family was falsely to lead to believe and something that the social worker had no intentions sticking to whatsoever in order to give us a fair chance at being a family and the social worker has made it quite clear she fully intends to forcibly removing my son from my care, where he will be placed on an interim care order.

I will not be signing a voluntary section 20 as I do not agree and it is not voluntary. Forcing a person to sign any legal document under duress or threat is not only extortion but is against the law and is a gross misuse of a section 20 of the Children's Act 1989.

I will co-operate and I will do anything that the social workers requires me to do, to be given the chance I was promised I would be given I am willing to reside at a mother and baby unit. I ask your honour to give us this chance that has cruelly been promised and denied to us. I will agree to a contact of expectations and I will work openly and honestly with the local authority's in moving forward in a positive light for the best interests of my son.

the aforementioned social worker namely __________ who performs her duties under your Local Authorities, has ...

A)in relation to misleading me and my family in to believing something that she have no intentions of abiding by not to mention a breach of code of ethics that she vowed to uphold when she qualified.

B)Acting in a way that can only be described as nothing more than misfeasance. She falsely represented the Local Authorities by making us believe something which was nothing more than a false pretence by misleading us deliberately which is in all accounts gross misconduct and far from the bona fide true and honest manner which is set out within the social workers code of ethics and code of conduct.

C) The Human Rights Act 1998 puts a legal duty on all public authorities.
      Article 1, obligation to respect Human Rights.     

      Article 6, right to fair trial and is fundamental to        the rule of law and democracy.     

      Article 8, the right to respect for private and              family life, for home and correspondence.

Failure in allowing us the chance will result in further failings to my family.

Yours sincerely

4 Aug 2019

A formal complaint for a concerned mother of a child in placement under the Local Authorities care.


I am .. Mother to ages and date of births who reside in your authorities care.

I was informed by ... That the children have made a number of disclosures since being in care. I have not been informed what these disclosures are in order to be able to respond to them, instead I have been labelled a liar and treated like some kind of criminal.

In the interests of fairness and transparency, I should be made aware of what disclosures my children have made in order to be able to form an opinion on them, or even for the sake of providing any evidence I may have in relation to any such disclosure. Again this amounts to unfairly and unlawfully excluding me from my children's lives.

I have extreme concerns that is not being cared for appropriately, and is also being subjected to physical harm in the form of If this was me subjecting to this behaviour I would be arrested and tried for child abuse, so why is it ok to happen in your care system and a blind eye be turned to it by your so called professionals who are supposedly there to ensure that my children are cared for properly. 

These issues require addressing as a matter of priority, in my childs best interests. I conclude that the current placement is not suitable for and therefore should be moved to a new placement or failing that, I should have an entirely new independent parenting assessment completed as to my abilities to parent my child.

This is not right that this should be allowed to continue and as such I formally and respectfully raise the above complaint. 

Please respond via email only for my legal teams own viewing. Failure to acknowledge or respond to this complaint will result in further failings to my family and further complaints against yourselves.

Yours sincerely
4 Aug 2019

An overall formal complaint template for any purpose.


I am ... Mother/father/special guardian to ..., Aged ..., Date of birth ../../.. who is known to/who resides in your authority care system.

I wish to raise this formal complaint in relation to (name professional here and state occupation eg John Smith named social worker/family support worker) for my child's case, for the following reasons.

(List reasons).

This conduct had left me feeling .......

I therefore formally and respectfully raise this complaint against the aforementioned people/person for the reasons listed above.

I would formally like to request the following

(List what you want the outcome to be)

A full formal written apology in relation to this conduct.

Please respond only via email for my legal teams own viewing. Failure to acknowledge or respond to this complaint will result in further failings to my family and further complaints being made against yourselves.

Yours sincerely

4 Aug 2019

Formal complaint to use if your social worker is twisting and fabricating lies to reduce your contact sessions set out by the family courts.


I am... Mother to... And ... Ages ... And date of births... Who reside in your authorities care system.

I wish to raise the following complaint against your authority social worker registeration number....sw for the following reasons outlined below.

The aforementioned social worker has made numerous failings to my family including giving entirely untrue accounts regarding contact to other professionals. This amounts to dishonesty, lack of integrity and fraud by misinformation on there part and I am disgusted that has taken it upon her/him self to act this way, and even moreso, that your authority allowed these behaviours from someone who supposedly a professional.

Since my child was removed from my care .... ..... 

Our contact sessions have never been consistent contact session are to be       Held at                          They are clearly written in our child's care plan but are regularly cancelled or changed without notice and without informing me which has lead to a missed contact session which is vital to maintain consistency and the bond between myself and my child . Therefore acting how the social worker wants our contact sessions to run as opposed to what the court has ordered.

our social worker , refuses to discuss any matters relating to my child's care or to keep me updated im rarely invited to or made aware of meetings regarding my child's care or future plans I have repeatedly pointed out that it was written in the care plan that I'm am supposed to be invited to all meetings yet the social worker         Still fails to inform me and ignores my calls or fails to call me back like she states.

How is this incompetent behaviour in our child's best interests or for the well being of our child.

I am willing to work openly and honestly with your local authorities but they must be willing to aswell which I don't feel they are.

 I fully intend to apply to the court to .............................. as well as making further complain or this misconduct.

The social worker has made complete fabrications about myself and my family which amounts up to fraud by misinformation according to the fraud Act itself.

How can the social worker be allowed to make these assumptions about my family based on her personal views and opinions by providing false fabricated information in such a way that everything positive that has been said about my family has been twisted and turned into negative issues and by doing this she is failing her legal duty as a professional and using her professional judgement.

The actions of fabricating this information has in fact amounted to get failing to follow the social workers code of conduct as set out by the social work register, which states all social workers must act with honesty and integrity. She had done neither.

Your local authority have completely failed to inform me on matters as the parent of and a person with parental responsibility. Again unfair and unlawful exclusions in my child's life. Throughout our whole case ......

My family are extremely distressed by this behaviour, so much so that .........

I question why the social worker has repeated failed in her legal duty to .......

My child is subject to a care order not an adoption order therefore I never lost parental responsibility for any of my children, that I never attend Lac reviews when my name is listed as being invited and I am disgusted that these lies are being told about me. your authority has consistently failed to inform me let alone invite me to any of my childs reviews.

I formally request that a new parenting assessment be done asap for myself...............

While this new parenting assessment is being carried out I request that a contract of expectations be drawn up and agreed and signed by all parties .........

And that my child be returned into my care asap be able to achieve this as quickly as possible......

I also request that a clear care plan for the period of no longer than 6 months be drawn up for the rehabilitation of my child to be returned to my care and for this care plan to be reviewed on a 4 weekly basis to make sure that the structure and timeframe of the plan is maintained and kept to.

Any professional opposing to my reasonable request and fair compromise will be obstructing our case from moving forward in a positive light for the well being and best interests of my child and such opposition will not go unnoticed or ignored and will quite clearly prove that your local authorities are acting unprofessional and uncooperative and that infact they are the ones who are 

I therefore formally and respectfully raise this complaint against the aforementioned people. With my request (list names ....)

Please respond only via email for my legal teams own viewing. Failure to acknowledge or respond to this complaint will result in further failings to my family and further complaints being made against yourselves.

Yours sincerely
4 Aug 2019

A Complaint Template If You Have Concerns That A Social Worker May Be Unregistered And Not Fit To Practice.


I am Mother to Date of births who reside at            

I wish to raise a huge concern regarding the named social worker! for the following reason.

Having looked through the social work register and searched for this professional, I have discovered that __________ is not registered as a practicing social worker.

Since she is not registered under the social work register, this could well amount to a criminal offence of impersonating a social worker, under the healthcare professionals order 2001, because all social workers must be registered, which i believe ____________ is not.

Therefore I would formally like to request evidence that is in fact a registered social worker and if the above is true she should be removed with immediate effect from my case, before she causes further damage. 

I have included an image proving that she is not listed on the social work register, and this email has also been sent to the social work register directly as this is a major concern for any case ________ may be involved in.

Please respond via email only for my legal teams own viewing. Failure to acknowledge or respond to this complaint will result in further failings to my family and further complaints being made against yourselves.

Yours sincerely.

4 Jul 2019

For a family Advocate to use concerning issues regarding contact.

Dear ____
social worker’s name_____
My Name is ________________ and I am writing this email in response to the letter received by ____mum_______ regarding contact issues between ____mum______ and her son /daughter _______name______ whom is currently under the care of your Local Authority. The social worker ______name_____ whom sent the letter in question to his mother _________name_________. I am _____family_name________ family advocate, ______mums _name______ and myself have both tried several times to contact you via Telephone and I myself have sent previous correspondence via email in regards to the situation with ___childs_name_____ and direct and indirect contact issues to no avail. I am hopeful that we may be able to communicate and discuss mums name concerns and to be able to come up with an amicable solution and future plan for child name that we can all agree on and to be able to draw up a contact of expectations with all parties signatures so that we will all know what is expected of us. As the family advocate i am requesting a copy of childs name LAC care plan and the agreed decisions on child name future care plans in regards to setting future contact between child name and mums name to be sent to mums name or myself so that we can move forward in a positive light, working together for the best interests of child name . Mums name is willing to work openly and honestly in achieving this goal and as such we hope you can do the same in return i look forward to hearing from you soon. If mums name or myself do not received acknowledgement or a letter of reply within 14 days of sending this second email I will presume that you are not receiving my emails or that there is a problem with this request and will be left with no other choice but to email directors name your head and Director of children Services for the county of Director and official request and a follow up call of action that she looks into the situation and deals with it appropriately thank you.

Kinds regards.

4 Jul 2019

Formal complaint over concerns of the Local Authorities discharge in respect of my child.

[Your name]

Complaints Officer

Dear Complaints Officer

My son / daughter: [name]

Date of birth: [e.g. 12th March 2007]

Formal complaint
I ask that you treat this letter as a formal complaint concerning the discharge by your
[authority/trust] of its functions in respect of [myself] [my son/daughter]. I require the
complaint to be investigated at the earliest opportunity. Although I am making a formal
complaint I do not want it to interfere with the good working relationship I have with
[name of person in authority / trust] or to in any way delay or interfere with the support

arrangements provided to [me / my son/daughter].

My complaint is:

[here set out as precisely as possible]

(a) what it is that is being complained about

(b) the names of the key staff who the complaints investigator will need to speak to;

(c) the dates of the relevant acts / omissions;

[If possible also enclose copies of any relevant papers]

What I want to achieve by making this complaint is [here set out as precisely as possible what you want to be the result of your complaint: i.e. an apology, a changed service provision, an alteration to practice, interim support arrangements [and if so – timescales for this], compensation, etc.]

I understand that you will wish to contact me in order to investigate this complaint. I suggest that this be done by [here give telephone / email contact details and the time/days you are normally available etc.].
I also understand that in investigating this complaint you may need to share information with other relevant parties / agencies and also to access my records. I confirm that I am in agreement to you taking this action – so far as it is strictly necessary.

Yours faithfully

4 Feb 2019

A formal request that your complaint be taken up to stage two.

[Your address]
[Your telephone number]

Director of Social Services/Chief Executive 
Social Services Department/NHS Trust
[Name of local authority]


I wish to raise a Formal Complaint.

I ask that you treat this letter as a formal complaint concerning the discharge of your authority of its functions in respect of [your name or if you are complaining on behalf of someone you care for, put their name here].

I require the complaint to be investigated under Stage 2 of the complaints process..

My complaint is:

[Here set out as precisely as possible:

a) what it is that you are complaining about;

b) the names of the key social workers or medical professionals that the complaints investigator will need to speak to;

c) the dates of the relevant acts/omissions.

[If possible, also include copies of any relevant paperwork such as letters you have sent the authority or they have sent you.]

What I want to achieve by making this complaint is [here set out as precisely as possible what you want to be the result of your complaint: ie, an apology, a changed service provision, an alteration to practice, compensation, etc]

I understand that your complaints officer will wish to contact me in order to investigate this complaint. I suggest that this is done by [here give a telephone contact number and the time/days when you are normally available or some other way in which you can be contacted].

Yours faithfully

[Your signature]

[Your name – printed]

4 Feb 2019

Request to email the Director that a formal complaint be taken up to stage two.


I am ... Mother to .... Aged ...

I recently made a complaint via stage 1 of your complaints procedure. I am Dissatisfied with the response and therefore am invoking my right to apply to stage 2 of the complaints procedure.

As you are aware this means that an independent external investigator must be appointed who does not work for your authority.

Please escalate my complaint to stage 2.

My reasons are that your social work manager has in fact acted outside of the professional code of conduct and ethics and ettiquette and covered up for your social workers lies. This is not acceptable and I therefore request my complaint be looked at properly by an external independent investigator.

Yours sincerely

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