PASSuk parents advice on social care.

PASSuk parents advice on social care.


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15 Jun 2019
PASSuk parents advice on social care.
PASSuk parents advice on social care.

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A little positive reminder to each and every single one of you.. no matter what court order, what the ss try and do.. remember you can win your battle!! I thought I was losing my children to adoption.. but we did out 28 weeks in court, and I walked out of there without ONE court order.. without ONE recommendation.. you are more powerful then you think.. long tearful night I spent researching the family law.. and I crossed examined every last thing the ss said.. remember to use your inner strength
Update, my case is finally closed to social care, from before my son was born up until now they were involved, I have had 4 different social workers during that time, I was made to look bad and I really did not think that they were going to allow my baby to stay with me but I faught, stood my ground recorded everything just in case I needed to use it as evidence. I complained when they made me look like a bad mum, but thankfully I have had the support from PASS and from the group who helped me get through my case and advised me on certain things to do, without this group I would have lost my mind so thank you to everyone who chipped in and gave there advice I’m very grateful and to anyone going though the same thing don’t give up, stay strong and do everything in your power to prove your children are better of with you, thanks again everyone ❤️x
Hi laura, they will make one last visit just to finalise the closure of your case, remember though that even though they say verbally it is closed it is not. After you receive your letter from the date of that letter you need to actually wait another 3 months to the date and that is when your case is officially closed they always run all cases silently for a further 3 months if any concerns arise in this time then they can come back and continue where they left off but after 3 months your files will get sent to archives and any further new allegations or concerns will have to be opened as a whole fresh case. So keep your head under their radar good luck xx
Hi, I had my case closed Yesterday Thank god!, what can i expect from them now, 1 last visit?
I want to share with you a great message. I managed to win a change Social Worker. I proved what wrong doings the social worker made. It was not easy especially because my English is not perfect. But I won !!! It's my small victory...✌
Kim Skippings I had my child protection conference and my daughter has officially came off I'm so so happy and wanted to thank you for all the help and support you gave me throughout the whole thing ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Karen D
Thank you so much for all your help and support I could never of got my children home if it wasn't for all your help and the advice from your team you are all truly amazing.
Love kaz.