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Welcome to PASSuk parents advice on social care.

Please feel free to contact us for advice and support to help you. We have a live chat which we leave on but we cannot always be online so if you do not get a response then please drop us an email via the contact us link and form on here, or come and find us in our group on Facebook thank you.

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We have never asked for a penny from any families my loyal and faithful team offer help and support totally free and out of passion not pocket. I've been offered money many many times and have refused everytime but we now have a gofundme account for PASS for anyone wishing to donate money it is always gratefully accepted and gets put back in to help other families in emergency situations and to help us run things more easily and to help you all further. We are getting well known now and more and more people are asking for our help even with a great team of administrators behind me we are still all snowed under with cases. with donations We could afford to help families further, for example that need to decorate there home to be able to keep there children in there care. We could afford to reach other families better that need us.

Our gofundme ...