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16 Jan 2019

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21 Jun 2019


Remember the legalities of babysitting.

Families fleeing the United Kingdom.

Parental Responsibility Explained.

Remember The Rules On Recordings.

Blanket Policies.

Advice On Clutter Issues.

D.I.Y Concerns.

Advice For All Dog Owners.

Food Cupboards Advice.

Keep A Black And White Paper Trail As Evidence.

Never Voluntarily Contact Children Services.

Case Law To Use To Give You A Chance To Prove You Are A Good Parent Now.

When Researching Information Think Outside Of The Box.

Keep An Up-To-Date Diary From Day One.

Webster Stratton Parenting Course.

Social Worker's Use YES-SET Questions.

Social Worker's Use Summarising Technqiues To Twist Your Words.


Section 20, Of The Children Act 1989.

GMC Code of Practice.

Malicious Communications Act.

Freedom Of Expression.

NAI And ITP Explained.

31 Jul 2019

Here is a useful piece of information on the pro's and con's of whether to register your baby or not.

Breastfeeding Advice.
Pre-Birth Assessments.
PAM Assessments.
Mother And Baby Units.
What To Do If They Remove Your Baby.
Here Is A Template To Use Either As A Complaint Or As A Threshold Statement, It Can Be Edited For Both.

31 Jul 2019

You Do Not Have To Answer The Door, And If You Do Remember Section 17, Of The Children Act 1989.

Remember Do Not Allow Them To Just Enter Your Property Not Without Checking The Register.

Remember The 15 Working Day Rule.
Remember this information about the section 47 assessments.

Remember your entitled to a full copy of their section 47 investigation/assessment.

Remember you have the right to insist that your social worker contact someone of your own choice friend, family or long standing professional who has worked with your family for a long time.

A little piece of useful information to ask your designated safeguarding officer.

Child Protection Plans Explained.

Remember you case runs silently for a further 3 months without your knowledge.

Advice on how to help get your case stepped down from Child Protection plan to Child In Need Plan.

Child in Need Plans Explained.

21 Jun 2019

Page 1.

My advice when dealing with LAC reviews and requests.

Recording inside your own homes.

My advice when dealing with LAC reviews and making requests.
Read all judgements clearly. 

A section 37  Explained .

A section 7 Explained. 

Pre-Proceedings Explained. 

Public Law Outline Explained. 

How do I prepare for the final hearing in a care order case?

Revocation  of an Adoption Order (Freeing order) Explained. 

Care Orders Explained. 

I.C.O Interim care orders Explained. 

Challenging an Existing Care Order.

Looked after children/L.A.C plans and reviews.

Page 2.

Secure Accommodation Criteria.

Supervision orders.

Children discharging their own care orders.

12 Jan 2020

Domestic violence.

You Are Never Alone.

Binary code step by step picture guide.

Non-Molestation orders.

Restrictive orders.

Harassment Injunctions.

New Amended Directions In The Legislation.

Video Conference's.

Facing Your Ex-Partner In Court.

Claire's Law.

My own personal opinion on Domestic Violence.

12 Jan 2020

Page 1.

Different Assessments.

The Child and Family Assessment Explained.

Fostering assessments Explained. 

Parenting Assessments Explained. 

All Assessments carried out by the Local Authority follow this structure.

Core Assessments Explained. 

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Explained. 

Section 47 Explained. 

Risk Assessments Explained. 

PAM'S Assessments Explained. 

Viability assessments, connected person assessments Explained. 

Pre-birth Assessment Tools Explained. 

Connected Person Assessments Explained. 

Section 37 reports Explained. 

Page 2.

Section 7 report's Explained. 

Assessing Parents with complex needs Explained. 

12 Jan 2020

Complaints To The Information Commissioner's Office.

Your Local M.P.

Complaints If Your Child Is Harmed In Placement.

Complaints To The Director Of Children Services. 

Complaints About Children Services.

Complaints To The Ministry Of State For Vunerable Children And Families.

Complaints To The Judical Conduct Investigations Office.

Complaints To The Solicitors Regulations Authorities.

12 Jan 2020

Page 1.

For A Grandmother To A Judge.

For A Mum Requesting Immediate Contact Under Unforeseen Circumstances.

To use as guidance when asking someone to write you a character reference. 

Textbook Threshold Response To Use In Court For A Public Law Outline Defense.

A Template For New Mothers To Use Either As A Formal Complaint Or As A Threshold Response To Edit And Use For Both Purposes.

A formal complaint for a concerned mother of a child in placement under the Local Authorities care.

An overall formal complaint template for any purpose.

Formal complaint to use if your social worker is twisting and fabricating lies to reduce your contact sessions set out by the family courts.

A Complaint Template If You Have Concerns That A Social Worker May Be Unregistered And Not Fit To Practice.

For a family Advocate to use concerning issues regarding contact.

Formal complaint over concerns of the Local Authorities discharge in respect of my child.

A formal request that your complaint be taken up to stage two.

Request to email the Director that a formal complaint be taken up to stage two.

Formal complaint to use for concerns over someone lacking mental capacity.

Page 2.

Formal Complaint to use if your are disabled and not being supported properly.

Complaint against a foster carer. 

If you are representing yourself in the family courts and have to do a statement regarding contact issues then this may help.

For a mother who has just given birth to use as a formal complaint to email to the Director if she has been forced under threat of extortion To sign a section 20 and forced to reside within a mother and baby unit against her will.

For a mother to use as a formal complaint to email the Director if you are being denied contact that has been set out by the court.

Here is an email for a child to use to put emphasis on how much money it costs them to keep you in care and to continue to cause you more emotional harm and mental abuse.

An email for a child to use to complain to the Director if you are being threatened to behave or they will place you in a secure accommodation unit as punishment.

An email for a child to use to beg the Director to let her go home to her family.

Formal Complaint for a mum to use if she is being excluded from meetings.

Formal Complaint for a mum to use if she is not being kept informed on the care of her child.

Formal Request for an assessment of needs for a disabled child (for families who live in Wales).

12 Jan 2020

Remember if you ever want to view children services files from your own childhood.

Data Subject Access Request.

Data subject access request, follow up non-response request.

Data subject access request, secondary re-visit request.
How to apply for certain information to be deleted and erased from your files.

How to apply for ratification when there is inaccurate data held on you.

ACRO subject access request for a copy of your police files.

Access to your children's school records.

Request for school records for parents in the United states of America.

Medical data subject access request.

Sarah's law.

Claire's law.


12 Jan 2020

Full list of all known good and fair social workers recommended by the members of our group.

Police and Crime Commissioners.

Regional  Representative Chair's and Council of reference for each county.

Yorkshire and Humberside, 15 local authorities.

North East, 12 Local Authorities.

North West, 23 Local Authorities.

East Midlands, 9 Local Authorities.

West Midlands, 14 Local Authorities.

Eastern, 11 Local Authorities.

Greater London, 33 Local Authorities.

South West, 16 Local Authorities.

South East, 19 Local Authorities.

9 Aug 2019

Accessing your local M.P and what help he has to offer.

List of English Local M.P's

List of scottish Local M.P's

List of Northern Ireland Local M.P's

List of Welsh local M.P's

12 Jan 2020

Index Of Abbreviations.
Legal Definitions.
Legal Dictionary.

12 Jan 2020

Page 1.

The Family Courts Explained. 

Family Court Application Forms Explained. 

Supreme Court Explained. 

Queen's Bench Explained. 

Court of Protection Explained. 

Royal High Court of Justice.

Human Rights In The UK.

For children discharging their own care orders.

Extortion Explained. 

Read all judgements clearly.

Public Law vs. Private Law 

Bar Pro-Bono Explained. 

A link to three best professionals in all areas in all fields.

Restorative Justice Explained. 

Page 2. 

Harassment Injunctions Explained. 

One Way non-disclosure Confidentially Agreements Explained. 

Two way non-disclosure Confidentiality Agreements Explained. 

C4 Application(to disclose a childs whereabouts) Explained. 

The Children's and Families Bill 2014 Explained. 

Malicious Communication Act Explained. 

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