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PASSuk parents advice on social care.

Meet The Team.

PASSuk parents advice on social care.
PASSuk parents advice on social care.


Hello and welcome my name is Kim I am the founder and creator of PASSuk. PASSuk parents advice on social care, aswell as our PASSuk young adults.

a little about myself and my story, about why I started PASSuk and about what we do.

I have travelled down many many colourful paths in my life from childrens services involvement when I was growing up to domestic violence to ivf treatment to 2 beautiful daughters naturally to a prison sentence to social care involvement where my girls ended up on a care protection plan to case closed and being asked to foster. I never even sat my gcses I left home at 15 and have lived on my own ever since sometimes without a pot to piss in and other times like a king. I single handedly raised every waife and stray child that has crossed my path along the way and would do it all again in the drop of a heartbeat and look at where I am today I now have more qualifications than I know what to do with won my own case and help others to fight there's I have 4 happy girls and a huge extended family of young onez who call me mum. I may not be rich in money infact totally the opposite doing what needs to be done to provide for my family but I'm the richest person in the world in my heart and In my life and I wouldn't change a thing it's what's made me who I am today.

My Qualifications.

The Education and Training Foundation.

• 16.4.17, Safeguarding 2014.

• 16.4.17, Safeguarding & Safer Recruitment in FE                      2014

Acknowledgements to my admin team.

Thank you to all my admin team we all try our hardest to help support all you guys and to give you the advice you all need to help win or close all your cases but you must try to understand how busy we all are we try to answer everyone but sometimes that's not always possible please try to be patient if we don't reply to you and to take into consideration that my devoted helping team do so out of passion and for the love and out of the kindness of their hearts its because they genuinely care ❤ no one in my team of admin gets paid a single penny for any advise or help they give and offer or for any of the support and the dedicated work they put in on here they all put in extra mileage that is way above what is asked from them and they all do a fantastic job in PASSuk they are all truly amazing much valued and loved and I appreciate everything they do on here and in our group people must realise how much work and dedication it takes from my admin team to make this group as good as it is.

Meet The Team.

Megan Hagland 
Tia Keating 
Courtney Young

Jack Henderson

Darren Davies 
Jade Jones

Sara San Domigo

Bethan England 

Natalie Clifford

Georgie Hendry

Mitch Smith 
Christopher Bruce ( Thelivingman) Blog page America's Seven Deadly Sins


We have never asked for a penny from any families my loyal and faithful team offer help and support totally free and out of passion not pocket. I've been offered money many many times and have refused everytime but we now have a gofundme account for PASS for anyone wishing to donate money it is always gratefully accepted and gets put back in to help other families in emergency situations and to help us run things more easily and to help you all further. We are getting well known now and more and more people are asking for our help even with a great team of administrators behind me we are still all snowed under with cases. with donations We could afford to help families further, for example that need to decorate there home to be able to keep there children in there care. We could afford to reach other families better that need us.

I am hoping to set up a sanctuary for all out in sunny Spain within a year if I can successfully liquidate enough assets and can get enough money together there are currently 17 acres for sale in the south of Spain for 80.000 euros if I can raise 100.000 euros it could be the peace and safe serenity we are all looking for and needing so badly if anyone wishes to donate please feel free to follow the link below and help no matter how small a donation if everyone was to donate if everyone was to donate 35+ this dream could turn in to a reality 

So either donate on either of our go fund me's at ...

Our dreams can become reality ❣❣❣

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How To Find Us.

We have a live chat function you can use, which we do leave the live chat on but we cannot always be online. If you do not get a response within 5 or 10 minutes then alternatively....

Leave your contact details and brief outline on a live chat message where we can pick it when when we do come online and myself or one of my team will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Use the comment boxes at the end of blocks on the pages inside each dropdown tab.

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