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Care quality commissions. :: Reporting an unregistered service.


grandparents rights :: Information for grandparents what are your rights

Contact orders or residency orders

breach of contact or residency order :: If your ex breaches a contact order or residency order here's what to do

men and divorce :: Enforcing court ordered visitation when it's denied

High Court of justice

high court of appeal :: Londons high court of appeal. How to submit an appeal to the high courts plus all the forms you need to download and submit an application

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emotional harm template :: Assessment template for emotional harm

Director of childrens services

association of director of childrens services :: This link will help you find out who is the director of childrens services in your area. It will also tell you with safeguarding issues and SEN "special educational needs" and disability issues.

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Civil legal advice :: Civil and family legal advice

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Ministry of state for vunerable children and families :: This is the guy you all need to write to about any wrong doings and to complain to over your cases

Solicitors regulations authority :: Solicitors regulations authority
To find or to report a solicitor

Global mediation limited :: Global mediation
Replacing conflict with harmony
Mediation and disagreement resolution services
this is a free service for parents and carers of children with special educational needs
The children and families act 2014 requires all local authorities to provide independent Mediation and disagreement resolution services to help when parents or young people cannot agree with the local authorities or other providers about the special educational, health or care provision of a child or young person. Other providers include early years settings, school, colleges and other post 16 provisions.
The disagreement resolution arrangements are for all children and young people who have special educational needs (send), not just those who are being assessed for, or have an education, health and care plan.
The Mediation arrangements are for those who are considering making an appeal to the 1st tier tribunal  (send). The law says that young people or parents who want to appeal to 1st tier tribunal (send) must 1st contact a Mediation adviser. Once you have had Mediation advice they will issue a certificate so that you can lodge an appeal. You do not have to have Mediation advice if your appeal is only about a placement. The health and social care elements of an EHC plan or if it is a disability discrimination claim.
Your right to appeal is not affected weather you agree to Mediation or not, the tribunal will not make any assumptions if you choose not to try Mediation.
Mediation in a nutshell.
* gets the right people and information together to try to come to an agreement without further delay.
* it gives you a chance to speak freely and to be listened to.
* it helps focus on the important issues and the needs of your child.
* it gives you a chance to build a better working relationship with the professionals involved.

how it works and timescales.
*they will speak to all involved
*then they will arrange a meeting within 30 days of your request (this is the timescale set out in the SEND code of practise) on a date that is agreed by can bring a friend or family member to support you. they have to confirm in writting at least 5 days before the Mediation meeting.
* the mediator will make sure that everyone is fairly heard and listened to.
* then the mediator will look for a solution that everyone is happy with and can agree to once everyone is happy with the agreement the mediator then draws up a written agreement that everyone then signs.
you can contact them on
0800 064 4488 from a landline or
0208 441 1355 from a mobile
Mondays 9-5p.m
Tuesdays 9-6.30p.m
Wednesdays 9-5p.m
Thursdays 9-6.30p.m
Fridays 9-5p.m
you can email
or write to
global mediation Ltd  (SEN)
Elwood House
42 lytton road

You tube videos

The real truth :: Beth English's story

dispatches undercover :: Dispatches when they send in someone undercover to work in the social services department

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Pro-bono latin term "pro bono publico" meaning free for the public good.

They are solicitors and barristers that work for free!!! they run on charity and donations all you have to pay is there expenses  (reprographics, travel, parking ect ect)


Office number- 01509 734289

Mobile number- 07493523727

Hours are 8.30a.m - 8.30p.m

(Plus there's an out of hours emergency services)