PASSuk parents advice on social care.

PASSuk Parents Advice On Social Care.

Hello And A Warm Welcome.

First I'd like to give a warm welcome. Hello to all new visitors even if you are just passing through or if you are actively seeking advice, whether you are a parent, guardian, carer, grandparent, aunt or uncle, everyone is welcome in pass. I would just like to say there are no formalities in here, Im non-judgmental no matter what your situation may be.

Who We Are, And What We Do.

Hello and welcome to PASSuk parent's advice on social care. My name is Lady Kim Marie Skippings i am the founder, creator and author of PASS.

I created PASSuk with the intentions of helping families and supporting them with advise in all family court issues and social care issues, seperation issues and contact, from care protection plans to public law outlines all the way through the family court system. Me and my team can help with legal advice and support for all families, we will help any family that genuinely needs our support if we possibly can, after all us admin were all one of these families ourselves, we all had no where to turn and no one to talk to about our cases. some of us were the one lucky ones who won our cases and some of us are still fighting for our children's return, this is why i started up PASSuk to help others in the same situations. I can genuinely see that there really is very little help and support out there available for parents like myself, if any, and this makes our service so vital as there is a crucial need within the community for organisations like ours. PASS has now become mine and my team's passion to help and support others. we aim to build solid foundations for PASS and to be able to bring people together and  also to raise awareness to fight for a change in the English legal system, and for the government to make it compulsory for children's services to support the families who need it most remember together we can make a difference.

Meet The Team.

PASSuk parents advice on social care.
PASSuk parents advice on social care.


Hello and welcome my name is Kim I am the founder and creator of PASSuk. PASSuk parents advice on social care, aswell as our PASSuk young adults.

a little about myself and my story, about why I started PASSuk and about what we do.

I have travelled down many many colourful paths in my life from childrens services involvement when I was growing up to domestic violence to ivf treatment to 2 beautiful daughters naturally to a prison sentence to social care involvement where my girls ended up on a care protection plan to case closed and being asked to foster. I never even sat my gcses I left home at 15 and have lived on my own ever since sometimes without a pot to piss in and other times like a king. I single handedly raised every waife and stray child that has crossed my path along the way and would do it all again in the drop of a heartbeat and look at where I am today I now have more qualifications than I know what to do with won my own case and help others to fight there's I have 4 happy girls and a huge extended family of young onez who call me mum. I may not be rich in money infact totally the opposite doing what needs to be done to provide for my family but I'm the richest person in the world in my heart and In my life and I wouldn't change a thing it's what's made me who I am today.

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Keep Fighting.

My Personal Message to every single Parent .....

When a man-made system fails us look higher above the system, there is always a higher court, no-one is immune everyone is answerable to a higher authority! whether it be him upstairs, or us the public standing tall and strong together as a united nation, or by a just judge of a higher court to sit on his throne to hear our cries for change and our appeals.

Everytime the system attacks us it is running the risk of exposing the failures and promoting the corruption of what is really happening and going on behind closed doors and to the real truth of all the unjust wrongful abuse and harm they are causing our children, ultimately their actions are increasing our strength by numbers, because the more families they attack the more we keep multiplying and growing until there is no-one left to ignore what is happening right under our noses, waking more people up very single day to the cold hard facts of the cruelty and abuse their inflicting on our children, until our nation is wide awake and the real truth is out there, until there is no-one left who isn't affected by their actions. This corporation we call our government have unclean, blood stained hands. We the public pay their wages, we employ these fat cats to represent us the people's nation to act in our best interests, when the real truth is they are just cashing in on our children our own flesh and blood, they are sitting there getting rich at the expense of our children. We are not abusing or causing our children any harm, our children where happy everyday carefree children while they where in our care, then children service's gatecrash into our happy family homes and forcibly remove our children kicking and screaming then once our children are in the hands of children service's and placed within the care system the beaming smiles that was once on their innocent faces starts to fade until there is nothing left but emotionless expressions of an empty soul with hollow eyes that gaze right through you, the laughter that was once so obviously present on their precious faces are replaced with eyes of sadness looking at the floor to scared to look directly at anyone faces filled with anger, sorrow, emptiness, desperation, loss and confusion. We are not the one's causing the harm and abuse to our own children! Children service's are the guilty party here causing the emotional, sexual and physical harm they are destroying our children by placing them into a care system which systematically abuses and harms our children on a daily basis they are removing one child every four minutes every single day just to line their own pockets with what can only be described as nothing more than BLOOD MONEY !!!.


The People's Message.


Shame on you parliament, shame on your house of commons, shame on you to every minister of our cabinet, shame on you our government and the monarchy, how dare you use our children as financial commodities towards the nations annual tax revenues. You are all a national disgrace, you should be utterly disgusted and ashamed of yourselves, and your actions and behaviour towards our country, to the way you are successfully pulling down our great nation, if you insist on continuing this path i can promise and assure you of this, there will not be anything left of our great nation, nothing to hand down to our next generation to come or the generation's hereafter, just empty hollow shell's and nothing of our children spirits remaining, children will be left not knowing their heritage or where they come from or any knowledge or sense of belonging, just living their lives suffering from a childhood of abuse and neglect at the hands of our care system and living with a lifetime of childhood post traumatic stress syndrome. Many attempting and some succeeding in taking their own lives, all because they cannot bare to live another day with haunted childhood memories, nightmares/terrors and flashbacks of the abuse and harm they have suffered within the coldhearted care system.

Any professional or representing body caught using unlawful practices, committing fraud or deception to help forcibily remove our babies and children from any innocent parent's you should all be made and held accountable for your illegal crimes. Any representing body or professional who is caught colluding with this nation's broken and corrupt children services, who are knowingly direct or indirectly causing injury or even death by harming or abusing our children while you are being paid to do the job to protect the children and to support families, you should all be held accountable for your illegal crimes.

If you are reading this and you are not comfortable with your morals or acting in a way that goes against what you believe in or stand up for, if you are using the 'welfare rhetoric' to justify this kind of dispicable action of inhumanity, if you are keeping your head down, staying silent, keeping quite or turning a blind eye it shall be as if you are causing the abuse and harm to the children yourself aswell. I suggest those protecting others or silently witnessing abuse or harm from the side lines, this is now the time to wake up and find your voice, go out there pick up a phone and do the right thing ! make that WHISTLEBLOWING call right now ! do not hestitate or give it a second thought just do what is right, if not this very second then at the earliest, call whoever it is you can who will listen and act on the information you provide them with, who will help to protect the children of our nation. Maybe a local M.P, the nspcc, the cabinet minister for vunerable children and families, your Local director of children's services or the Police. I recommend that anyone keeping quite about any injustice and inhuman illegal crimes should stop and consider your predicament and to act accordingly to report the FACTS AND ONLY THE FACTS NOT ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS OR VIEWS IN THE COURT ROOM.

Remember the public are paying your wages and for you to live the life of fat cats, they are paying for you to eat, for your rent, for your nights out and for the clothes on your backs, they did not think they would be paying you to steal their children and to inflict harm and abuse on to them...

MAKE NO MISTAKE YOUR ACTIONS ARE UNLAWFUL! ANYONE PARTICIPAITING WITH THEM ARE ALSO COMMITTING A CRIME. YOU ARE NOW AT A CROSSROADS.. you need to think very carefully now. Due diligence is advised. You can and will be held accountable for your actions and for the actions of those people you are protecting and colluding with. We will be ensuring that each and every one of you is accountable before the court of law. Peace will be restored with law and order. NOTHING but the highest moral behaviour will be tolerated, we should NOT have to be telling you this!


The Real Truth And Statistics.

12 May 2019

So what are the real statistics? 

Here is a Summary Breakdown.

Here in the United Kingdom, the national statistics for 31st March 2017 - 31st of March 2018, stood at a total of 75,420 children becoming a looked after child and being removed from their families. This means 1 child is being taken in to care every 6 minutes. Goverment targets are set to remove well over 6,285 children every single month from their families and placing these children in either foster placements, children's homes or put up for adoption. 90% of the children that end up in the care system and placed in children's homes are usually subjected to neglect, physical harm, emotional harm and sexual abuse. Now bare in mind the UK population's net growth is 1 baby born every 1.5 minutes. If you multiply that it totals to 4 babies born every 6 minutes. Remember the local authorities are removing 1 child every 6 minutes, this means the government are removing quarter (25%) of the United Kingdom's children, this means 25% of the population of children are in the care system. You may want to look at it in another way they are removing children at an alarming rate of 1 child out of every children being forcibly removed and placed under the local authorities care becoming another looked after child statistic. If the United Kingdom's child population in March 2018 was 12 million children living in the UK then even I can work out on the statistics of 25% that is approximately 3 million children that have been forcibly removed from loving parents and are now living within the care system under the local authorities care as looked after children. So if there are 225 babies born every single day and you multiply that by 30 that works out to 6,750 babies born every month then the local authorities are removing 6,285 children each and every month, now take 18 years of childhood divide that in to (the 25%) within the next 54 months (4.5 yrs) and if something doesn't change then we will continue at this alarming rate then nearly every single child in the United kingdom will no longer be living with there parent's but they will all become just another looked after child statistic.

there are..

165 voluntary run children's homes,

618 local authorities run children's homes,

1,749 privately run children's homes,

2,532 children's homes in the UK in total.

Now if you are going to listen to the rubbish  that the government feed you which is that they reckon that there average is 4.5 beds per children's home, this would work out by 2,532 x 4.5 making a total of approximately 11,394 children living in children's homes somewhere in the UK. But ive worked with children in the system for many years and all the kids I've helped have told me that there are more like 10 bedrooms to every floor and there are usually at least floors to every home which are 20 bedrooms per home, so If you base that on what we know then that totals out at a staggering 50,640 this is just for children's homes not secure units, foster placements, adopted, sgo, or deaths.

50% of prostitutes in this country have come from a childhood within the care system.

80% of homeless people in this country have come from a childhood within the care system.

80% of young adults that have come from the care system are unemployed within years of leaving care.

13% of children that have come from the care system leave school with 5 good G.C.S.E grades, compared to the 58% of children brought up within their own families.

9% of young adults that have come from the care system go on to university, compared to the 47% of young adults brought up within their own families.

50% of all young offender inmates have come from a childhood within the care system.

26% of all prison inmates were in care as a child.

25% of all girls within the care system fall pregnant at least once before they leave the care system.

50% of all girls within the care system become single mother's themselves within years of leaving the care system.

7% of all young adults under the age of 18 years old within the care system have criminal convictions. Compared with the 2% of all young adults under the age of 18 years old brought up within their own families.



16 Jan 2019

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