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16 Jan 2019

Hello and a warm welcome.
Who we are and what we do.
Link To Meet The Team.
Link To Contact Us.
Link To Our Facebook Group.
Map Of Where We Are.
Link To Our Blog Site.
Keep fighting, My message to The people.
The people's message.
Link To The Real Truth And Statistics.
Link To This Tag, Index And Glossary.

21 Jun 2019

Remember The Rules On Recordings.
Blanket Policies.
Advice On Clutter Issues.
D.I.Y Concerns.
Advice For All Dog Owners.
Food Cupboards Advice.
Keep A Black And White Paper Trail As Evidence.
Never Voluntarily Contact Children Services.
Case Law To Use To Give You A Chance To Prove You Are A Good Parent Now.
When Researching Information Think Outside Of The Box.
Keep An Up-To-Date Diary From Day One.
Webster Stratton Parenting Course.
Social Worker's Use YES-SET Questions.
Social Worker's Use Summarising Technqiues To Twist Your Words.
Section 20, Of The Children Act 1989.
GMC Code of Practice.
Malicious Communications Act.
Freedom Of Expression.
NAI And ITP Explained.

31 Jul 2019

Breastfeeding Advice.
Pre-Birth Assessments.
PAM Assessments.
Mother And Baby Units.
What To Do If They Remove Your Baby.
Here Is A Template To Use Either As A Complaint Or As A Threshold Statement, It Can Be Edited For Both.

31 Jul 2019

You Do Not Have To Answer The Door, And If You Do Remember Section 17, Of The Children Act 1989.

Remember Do Not Allow Them To Just Enter Your Property Not Without Checking The Register.

Remember The 15 Working Day Rule.

12 Jan 2020
12 Jan 2020
12 Jan 2020

Index Of Abbreviations.
Legal Definitions.
Legal Dictionary.

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