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14 Jan 2019

Always protect yourself and your home.

If you are going to record inside your own property then you need to remember this..

Place a postcard sized notice on to your front door place it somewhere that is not obvious to the eye, Then they cannot blame you or say that it is your fault if it goes unnoticed. Make sure that you put the date on it aswell as sign it then you need to take a timestamped photo of notice as hard evidence that it was there and that it was clearly visible to all visitors. Once you have done this then anything that you record or video within your own property can be used as raw submittable evidence as they are in court you do not need to transcribe them in to black and white evidence and these recordings cannot be rejected by a Judge, the notice should read something along the lines of the photo above, and just for the record this is a photo of my own notice on my own front door.

7 Sep 2019

Contacting social care voluntarily.

Ok I hear so many stories where parents have contacted social care either children are out of control or they ask for help because they cant cope whatever the reasons behind contacting them my advice is DON'T DO IT !!! Exhaust all other avenues first there is nothing that another services other than social care cant offer you schools can access play therapists, councillors, ect ... doctors can access camhs ( child adolescent mental health services ) ect ... there are always other professionals who can offer the exact same referrals which you have the choice to voluntarily accept the help from. There are other avenues than social care where you have no choice other than to do as you are told my suggestion is always stay under the radar dont voluntarily give them a green flag to dissect your whole life they can and do remove kids because of this by then it's to bloody late you cant rewind the clocks and reset so THINK BEFORE YOU CONTACT THEM WEIGH IT UP AND EXHAUST EVERY OTHER AVENUE and if there is absolutely no other choices open to you then DO NOT SAY YOU CANT COPE !!! say you childs behaviour is out of control and you would like to see if any others services maybe able to work with your child. This is stating your child needs the help NOT YOU !!!!

1 Aug 2019

NAI and ITP Explained. 

ITP - Haemophillia. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is the lowering of the platelets and is a congenital bleeding disorder. Mongolian spots are often mistaken for NAI bruising.

Features less likely to be inflicted.
Fractures - Fracture in a school age child with witnessed.
Bruises - Bruises on the shin of a mobile Child.
Burns - Burn to mobile Toddler with splash marks.
Bites - Witnessed biting from another toddler.

Investigation in to NAI.

NAI - Haematological screening. Non accidental injury (NAI).

Features More Likely to be inflicted.
Fractures - fracture in non mobile child, Rib fractures, Multiple fractures without significant mechanism.
Bruises - Bruising in the shape of a hand/Object, Neck bruises, Buttock bruises in a child under 2 years of age.
Burns - Any bruise in a child who is not mobile, Trunk/Abdominal Bruising, Burn in the shape of an implement, Glove and stocking burn (forced immersion).
Bites - Bites shaped unlikely to be from a small child.
Other - Maxilliary Frenulum, T zone on face normal- outside of this abnormal.

Hallmarks of non accidental injuries.
• There is a delay in seeking medical help.
Inconsistent Histories.
• The account of the accident is not compatible with the injury.
• The parents reaction is abnormal, normal parents reaction are full of creative anxiety, abusing parents tend to be more preoccupied with their own problems like when can they go home.
• The story  of the accident is vague and lacking detail or may change the story each time it is told.
• Parents actions give cause for concern they may become hostile, or they rebut accusations that have not yet been accused of, or they may leave before the doctor arrives.
• Multiple attendances to A+E.
• Previous Child protection concerns.

There are five child risk indicators.
1) Three or more previous attendances
2) History inconsistent
3) History/examination inconsistent
4) Delay in presentation
5) Fracture or head injury in under 1 year old.

If number 5 comes back as a positive or there is a total of two positive indicators then the case should be discussed with the paediatric registrar.

27 Jul 2019

This is how they get you to admit things using the YES-SET, and how they can get away with twisting things you do say by SUMMARISING.


A technique used by many professionals is to
summarize what "clients" you the parents have said while using their own choice of words, its called "language matching". They are supposed to use this technique as a positive thing that benefits you using this approach is for you to feel your social worker is taking you seriously. Also, it helps to give you some time to think about what more you should share. After a summary, it is often not even necessary for the professional to ask a question they should already know how you would like to proceed.
Some important functions of progress-focused
summaries are:

• The summary reassures you that the professional is listening carefully.

• The summary reassures the professional that
he has heard you accurately.

• By using your words in the summary the
professional shows respect for you
frame of reference.

• The summary if use for the correct purposes and is done for the right reasons should be descriptive and used in a spirit of openness and should have the effect of inviting you to say more and to encourage you and to feel secure enough to ask that they correct, revise or add to what they have written already.

• The summary should be used for the effect of putting you in control of how to describe your

• The summary is supposed to be used to assist the professional in formulating the next question based on what you has just revealed.


The concept 'yes-set' refers to a technique with which the professional conducts the conversation in such way that you are then tempted to say 'yes'.

One way of doing this is by summarizing what you have said and writing it down by using their own words.

Another way is to ask you a question which you can very easily be fooled in to say 'yes' to.

Another way to describe how they use the yes-set structure is they compile a list of several questions that they will ask you beforehand so when they ask you the questions you will answer with a naturally response that you easily reply  with an automatic reaction to by answering with a 'yes'.

Then the professional will add in somewhere or on to the end a question which they really want you to
answer with a 'yes'.

The minimum set is usually three questions. However, the professional also knows not over-do this, so there trained to either space out the questions or limit the number.

Their trained to hide the question by burying it
amongst other questions.

A few examples of questions they might use are:

"Would you like your situation to become a bit

"Are you hoping to spend more time with your

"Are you looking forward to spending the
holidays with them?"

"Do you think they will be excited about your

"Will you be able to return all of your
paperwork to me by Friday?"

"Is it alright if i ask you a question?"

9 Jul 2019

My advice when dealing with LAC reviews and requests.

Ok so a member in our group asked for advice in regards to contact being reduced even though her children are being returned into her between placements which means the local authority does not have any major or real concerns for the safety of her children because if they did they most definitely would not be leaving the children in the care of their mother as and when it suits them to do so. I'm posting up my advice to this mum so it may help others visiting my website aswell.

If you are getting your children back temporarily in your care between placements there is absolutely no safeguarding concerns on children services side whatsoever so grab the bull by the horns and put it on your iro at your next lac review.
Why are your children still in care?
Ask the awkward! 
Make them answerable! 
Why is it that your children are safe enough to come home in to your care when it suits the local authority to return them periodically. There definitely cant be any immediate or real concerns over your mothering skills or for their safety. That there needs are obviously being met in your care so why keep removing your children? Surely this in itself is causing emotional harm and damage to your children by coming home with there mum where they belong and then cruelly being taken away again when it suits the local authority?
Be insistant demand answers! 
Do so as a bullet point scoring list, go slowly through each question and arguement that you have and only move on to the next question when they have answered each one!
Do not allow them to rail road you or to rush you through your list as quickly as possible!
Dont allow them to skip your questions without answering anything! Definitively record everything!
Stay focused on getting them answers!
Do not let them intimidate or get you all flustered, do not allow them to push your buttons or to distract you from your goal!
Only once they have answered every question, no matter how flimsy an answer or excuse they give you, that's when you hit them with the punchline.
"I've not heard, seen or been given any clear supporting evidence written or verbally as to why my children are being kept within the local Authorities care system, they are unhappy and being held against there will and against the will of there family, yet you allow them to come home when it suits you the local authority to do so and when you have nowhere else to place them, you drag them in yo a false sence of security by allowing them to get comfortable and to feel at home and loved by there family which is after all where they belong, just to have that so cruelly snatched away from them again when it also suits you the local authority's to do so, just to be placed with yet another stranger family in a home where they definitely do not feel that they belong with, where they feel the outsider or outcast in, and yet another false cold environment.
If we are going to go along the lines as the local authority do and if you were to weigh up the actual future emotional harm (not possibility of) and go along the lines of the local authoritys balance of probability I'm sorry but the damage it is causing my children would without a doubt tip the scales the harm it is actually (not in the future but the here and the now) causing my children is unnecessary and preventable. This is most definitely not moving forward in a positive light for the future and for the best interests of my children" 
Give them the chance to answer this and to hang themselves a bit more with yet more bullshit excuses. 
Then you need to request and insist on a brand new parenting assessment to be carried out immediately and without delay.
Then state that you are more than happy to co-operate and fully prepared and willing to work with children service's in an open and honest way and you will do whatever it takes to get your children home and back in the care of there mum where they belong, but this has to be a two-way working equal balance and partnership of openness and honesty from both sides not just yours. It is paramount in order to move forward in a positive way and to be able to achieve and reach the same goals together.
It is president that they fully support you and to help you all the way in order for your children to be returned in to your care. 
State that you request for an immediate reunification plan to be drawn up without delay with clear guidelines to be set up within a structured timeframe to run no later than over a 6 month period where positive steps and goals are set and reached on a structured monthly framework and timescale state it is crucial that this plan must be reviewed on a monthly the basis to ensure that the reunification plans timeframe is being met and upheld at all times, which is a vital necessity in order for the plan to work successfully and to move forward in a positive direction. Point out that a reunification plan can be the only positive possible answer for your childrens best interests and for their future emotional wellbeing. Insist on a contract of expectations to be drawn up with immediate affect that everyone can agree on, and know their part they are playing and their responsibilities so as everyone knows what role and support is expected from them in making this plan work which should be everyone's goal at the end of the day. Insist that everyone must sign and stick to the contract of expectations which is vital for these children. Make sure you point out to everyone that your children have had enough negative chaotic upheavals as it is and now is about the time to be giving these children security, boundaries, structure and the sound knowledge and mind not to mention the much needed stability that the local authority has so far failed to provide to these children. State if any professional should disagree or try to stall or to sabotage this positive reunification plan then they will only be failing these children further and causing them further future emotional harm and damage. If they refuse to listen or to agree to a new parenting assessment, reunification plan or contract of expectations then this gives you solid grounds to then submit this as a formal complaint to your Director of children Services. If it does get to this stage and you wish to submit this as a formal complaint then you must also include that failing to agree or to move forward with this plan is failing your children further and that you fully Intend to apply immediately to family courts for a full discharge of the local Authorities care order. 
Also add at the bottom that replies from the director are to be made via email for your legal team viewing and reference should it needed to be used in court as part of your submitted evidence.
Dont forget to make sure that once you have submitted your formal complaint that you follow that through by ringing your directors PA within 24hours of submitting your complaint and asking the PA if the Director has received your email, once she has carried out her usual customers relations textbook line of "yes of course he has he is looking in to your complaint at the moment" then hit them with the killer "oh that's brilliant im so pleased to hear that as I formally request a call of action against my complaint as soon as possible please"
14 Jan 2019

Some personal advice when trying to research information.

We all when looking for advice and help automatically look online for information, help and advice for us parents which is nearly always very vague and with 100 different out comes.

DON'T !!! STOP !!!!

Instead search for guidelines, information and documents  set out for the social worker’s to follow. This will give you a clearer picture of the procedures they are going to follow and the outcome from your actions which will be followed literally.

Printing of their own guidelines that they have to follow also allows no room for them to change their own goal posts.

They will try to say each area have their own guidelines to follow and that each area does things differently so always try to find the guidelines from within your own borough making it virtually impossible for them to argue with.

25 Jun 2019
Here is the guidelines.
Here is the guidelines.

Here is a useful piece of information on the pro's and con's of whether to register your baby or not.

Ok so a little while ago Michele Simmons privately messaged me asking if I knew anything about social workers registering babies at birth As if they were the social workers own babies, someone enquired to a social worker how they could take a baby that wasn't yet registered and the social worker told him they could and would register the birth of the baby themselves. 🤔🤔🤔. Ok so it got me thinking and I did some homework on it and guess what guys it says that anyone who has responsibility for the child can register the birth and you can choose any first and last name you want so guessing legally speaking social worker could And if a social worker has done this then legally she can as she would be using the loop hole within the law because I'm sure the government mean when they say any surname like mum's or dad's or referring to double barrelled surnames but a social worker using this loop for her own means is legal You could take her to court under ultra vires laws overstepping her powers of authority I'm guessing that not registering your baby at birth and listening to people going on about common law does parents no favours my advice if social workers are using this loophole is to GET YOUR BABIES REGISTERED ASAP !!!!!
3 Mar 2019

Link to the 3 of the best 5* rated professionals in all areas of the uk.

Here is a useful link to the three best professionals in all areas whether it be law or medical or school issues.

24 Jun 2019

Read all judgements clearly.

Judges often make the mistake of signing court judgments without actually reading the social workers submitted drafts and statements thoroughly or properly. Plus judges only see what the social worker wants them to see, which 9 times out of 10 are all false statements, made up from expert professionals that have never even met the family under scrutiny, or social worker’s submitting legally documents that the judges are lead to believe are reports written by other professionals who have worked with the family like schools, nurseries or nurses when in fact these professionals have no knowledge at all of these reports they have just been fabricated together by the actual social worker herself which is highly illegal and if they where to be found out would leave these families grounds to pursue a criminal cases of malpractice. Social workers often alter logs as well and there statements are usually full of there own biased personal opinions of the social worker’s personal attack on these decent families. All under these social workers beliefs and hopes of reaching goverment targets and  the cash incentive of being rewarded with money bonuses for every single child that they can successfully manage to adopt.

24 Jun 2019

Once your case is closed.

Once you close is closed they will make one last visit just to finalise the closure of your case, remember though that even though they say verbally it is closed it is not. After you receive your letter from the date of that letter you need to actually wait another 3 months to the date and that is when your case is officially closed they always run all cases silently for a further 3 months if any concerns arise in this time then they can come back and continue where they left off but after 3 months your files will get sent to archives and any further new allegations or concerns will have to be opened as a whole fresh case. So keep your head under their radar good luck xx
Hi there sadie nice to meet you, that's a very good question and one that is often asked. Allow them a month to send you the official case closed letter if you still have not received it after a month then you will need to write an email requesting for your official letter cc the email to the director of children service's and also to the head of the department, social worker and the team manager once you have sent the email within the first 24 hours of sending it you need to call the Director's office directly, you will more than likely get through to his PA and ask if the Director has received your email, they are always trained in public relations so they are bound to say yes of course the Director is looking into your email now, once they have said this (and not beforehand) you need to simply state " oh brilliant I'm pleased to hear this because I want to request a call of action against my email ". Its as easy as that no need to say anything else just thank them for there time and end the call, by doing this you are requesting that they act on your email and they do not just ignore it and they do have a legal duty then to follow it up and to let you know what is going on as well. Good luck sadie let me know how it goes xx
What about if you never recieved a letter but was told the case was being closed
14 Jan 2019

Remember if you dont ask you wont get

remember if the social workers does a section 47 assessment you MUST ask DURING the assessment for a copy of the section 47 assessment

14 Jan 2019

Do I sign or don't I.

What do i do if Children's Services try to intimidate or make me Sign an Official Document I don't understand or feel pressurised in to signing ? 

Dont under any circumstances sign a section 20 !!!

Always sign everything with a capitol "V.C" after or before your signature this means. If they pressurise or intimate you in to signing anything by threatening you that you will lose your children permanently if you do not sign.

Vi Coactus (V.C.) is a Latin term meaning "having been forced" or "having been compelled." In Latin, cōgō means "to compel," or "to force." The passive particle of cōgō is coāctus meaning "having been forced" or "having been compelled." Vi Coactus or V.C. is used with a signature to indicate that the signer was under duress. The signer using "VC" at the end or the beginning of there signature to alert the reader that the agreement was only signed under duress and it makes that document that has been signed under pressure or you don't fully understand the document you have signed and invalidates their signature and makes the document null and void.

14 Jan 2019

Always keep a diary and keep track of everything.

From the moment Children's Services first come knocking or even before if you are lucky enough to get the heads up or to know you have hit the children's services radar then you need to start from day one keeping an up to date diary and log on all the facts and all your thoughts, feelings and views all the concerns and worries absolutely everything keep it all logged in a diary this should include all letters and emails, all calls and discussions, all meetings and conferences and every home visit include what was said and by who the date and the time and where the conversation or meeting took place.

14 Jan 2019

A little advice on fighting back to prove you are a good parent now.

There was a very high profile important case. Where some of you might be in a similar situation as the parents of this particular case. In this particular case, The hearing was held in the supreme court (the highest court in the uk). Judge Mumby stated that if a parent has had previous children removed from there parents by the local authorities but there circumstances had changed and they had moved on to have more children with a "new" partner the children born in this new relationship would not automatically be at risk. The finding of facts alone could not predict that a parent was likely to harm a child in the future. so a local authority could not rely on the "Mere possibility or probability" that you caused harm to your older children or failed to protect them from your ex partner. There has to be other evidence to show that your new baby is at risk. But this only applies to parents who have changed there circumstances and who are in a new relationship with a new partner for this argument to be valid to use to help you fight to keep your new unborn babies if you are with the partner you cant use this.

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