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Stop forced adoption.
Stop forced adoption.

The real truth, statistics, figures  and facts revealed.

12 May 2019

So what are the real statistics? 

Here is a Summary Breakdown.

Here in the United Kingdom, the national statistics for 31st March 2017 - 31st of March 2018, stood at a total of 75,420 children becoming a looked after child and being removed from their families. This means 1 child is being taken in to care every 6 minutes. Goverment targets are set to remove well over 6,285 children every single month from their families and placing these children in either foster placements, children's homes or put up for adoption. 90% of the children that end up in the care system and placed in children's homes are usually subjected to neglect, physical harm, emotional harm and sexual abuse. Now bare in mind the UK population's net growth is 1 baby born every 1.5 minutes. If you multiply that it totals to 4 babies born every 6 minutes. Remember the local authorities are removing 1 child every 6 minutes, this means the government are removing quarter (25%) of the United Kingdom's children, this means 25% of the population of children are in the care system. You may want to look at it in another way they are removing children at an alarming rate of 1 child out of every children being forcibly removed and placed under the local authorities care becoming another looked after child statistic. If the United Kingdom's child population in March 2018 was 12 million children living in the UK then even I can work out on the statistics of 25% that is approximately 3 million children that have been forcibly removed from loving parents and are now living within the care system under the local authorities care as looked after children. So if there are 225 babies born every single day and you multiply that by 30 that works out to 6,750 babies born every month then the local authorities are removing 6,285 children each and every month, now take 18 years of childhood divide that in to (the 25%) within the next 54 months (4.5 yrs) and if something doesn't change then we will continue at this alarming rate then nearly every single child in the United kingdom will no longer be living with there parent's but they will all become just another looked after child statistic.

there are..

165 voluntary run children's homes,

618 local authorities run children's homes,

1,749 privately run children's homes,

2,532 children's homes in the UK in total.

Now if you are going to listen to the rubbish  that the government feed you which is that they reckon that there average is 4.5 beds per children's home, this would work out by 2,532 x 4.5 making a total of approximately 11,394 children living in children's homes somewhere in the UK. But ive worked with children in the system for many years and all the kids I've helped have told me that there are more like 10 bedrooms to every floor and there are usually at least floors to every home which are 20 bedrooms per home, so If you base that on what we know then that totals out at a staggering 50,640 this is just for children's homes not secure units, foster placements, adopted, sgo, or deaths.

50% of prostitutes in this country have come from a childhood within the care system.

80% of homeless people in this country have come from a childhood within the care system.

80% of young adults that have come from the care system are unemployed within years of leaving care.

13% of children that have come from the care system leave school with 5 good G.C.S.E grades, compared to the 58% of children brought up within their own families.

9% of young adults that have come from the care system go on to university, compared to the 47% of young adults brought up within their own families.

50% of all young offender inmates have come from a childhood within the care system.

26% of all prison inmates were in care as a child.

25% of all girls within the care system fall pregnant at least once before they leave the care system.

50% of all girls within the care system become single mother's themselves within years of leaving the care system.

7% of all young adults under the age of 18 years old within the care system have criminal convictions. Compared with the 2% of all young adults under the age of 18 years old brought up within their own families.