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Stop forced adoption.
Stop forced adoption.

The real truth, statistics, figures  and facts revealed.

12 May 2019
Everybody has the right to private and family life, human rights act, article 8.
Everybody has the right to private and family life, human rights act, article 8.

Every action creates a reaction.

The Sad Fact Of Our Nation ...

Do you know why they are keep stealing our babies? Well let me tell you it is because there is absolutely no revenue money to be made by keeping families together or by supporting them.

Think about it logically for a second, think from outside of the box.

Now take onboard the fact that our government must keep the U.K.'s yearly outgoing costs and taxations to the maximum and as high as they possibly can when tallying the books. So each tax year when they borrow money against the yearly expenses of our nation for the next tax year.

They only make money per care order or per child under there care.

The fact that they leave the real genuine cases of child abuse and neglect alone and do not remove these broken children that desperately need it says a lot and this is because they lose money by paying out on expenses for child therapy and costs to call in outside agencies to work with families.

So for every ear tagged, easy pickings, unbroken child placed within the care system they get paid money for, this money is supposed to cover the child's expenses and costs while they are in the care system. If that child is not broken they can make a lot more money and it is a lot less paperwork to fill out. Remember it is a set amount per child not for the work they do or do not do.

Now let the logic kick in for a moment, think!!! the government are using our children as a financial commodity, to pay off our huge national debt to all the swiss banks we owe billions to.

Why you might ask? Because us families can't afford to kick up a stink. We can't afford to fight back like every other public sector can, all the other available resources the government can tap they have all previously tried. They have tried to raise taxes or to cut the wages of the police, teachers, fire bridgade, doctors and children's services and it has always failed miserably as is proved time and time again, they all go on strike under the national union. So that only leaves us the public sector, our families and our children that are left wide open for them to attack, as we are the easiest target for them. We are the only resources that they have left to tap in to and because we can't afford to fight back as it would cost us our children and the government know this only to well.

Now remember our children are happy, they feel the warmth of our unconditionally love, they are cared for and feel a sense of belonging and they know they are wanted with their families, until children's service's come along and snatch them by using false alligations and accusing the parent's of crimes they have not even committed yet.

By using our government's social care, children's services are abuse and neglecting our children !!! It is social care and only social care that inflict physical, sexual and emotional harm to our children !!! so many of our innocent babies and children suffering abuse in the care system and it always goes unnoticed or ignored they hush these children's direct disclosures up and brush it under the carpet and what's more is the abuse do not stop for these children of anything it just gets worse as a twisted kind of punishment for speaking out against them, whether it is once or in many many cases years of systematical physical and sexual abuse, they are imprisoned within the care system, a cold, unloving, strange and alien world, torn away from their families and left to cry themselves to sleep every single night for the rest of their childhood, left missing and wanting there mummies and daddies. Remember a lot of these children as young as ten years old that are placed within the care system attempt suicide and many succeed. Spending what should be their innocent childhood years wondering what they did so wrong to be taken away from there families, an emotional harm that will stay with them and effect them for the rest of there lives the mental abuse will scar these children's forever and the damage caused will carry on over in to there adult life and the suffering that children's service's cause these children is far worse than any parents could ever inflict on their children and why? for a few extra quid when tallying up their cooked books at the end of the tax year.

Its a shame they haven't realised it yet before it is to late that it is us the public and our children that are the U.K.'s future. Without us the government are nothing !!! the only thing they will ever achieve by using and abusing the nation's children as financial targets is to bring Great Britain to it's knees, distroying the next generation and the generations after that by creating dysfunctional broken future generations of children and adults who can not live with the harm they have suffered within the care system.

We the people pay our tax and the governments wages to a job for us the public by running our country for us as we vote and they took an oath to uphold the law and to abide by what we the people want for the greater good of our country and instead what do they do? it will be there actions that will destroy our country by tearing down the very foundations that makes Great Britain Great, they are damaging our families and breaking our children's spirits. 

It's the actions of our very own government who we in truth should feel comfortable with to run our country, but instead we live in the dreaded fear.

I used to be proud to called myself British, now i hang my head in shame at the very thought and mear mention of the United Kingdom there is absolutely nothing united about our government.

Name: Scott
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