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9 Dec 2019

Remember if you ever want to view children services files from your own childhood.

All children services files will stay on their systems until the children are all over 18. Then after that they will go up to the london archives, hence as an adult, if you ask for a copy of your childhood files its takes a good few months before they are available to you to view them. All the files that are pulled out of the london archives are only viewable for you to read at your local social services offices in person, you can only read them while you are there, you are not allowed to walk away with them they have to stay on sight. You can ask them to photo copy the odd document out of your files, but the main original files have to stay there. Remember that your case does not actually officially close when they say it does either. 
14 Jan 2019

Parental Responsibility Explained.

Who has (P.R) Parental responsibility ? ...

P.R means all rights, duties and power responsibility and authorities, by law a parent of a child has regarding their children or their children's property.

* if you are the dad, but you was never married to the mother of your children,  or if you was never named on your childrens birth certificate  but you wish to be recognised legally as their dad then you must apply to the courts for a parental responsibility order.

14 Jan 2019

Families fleeing the United Kingdom.

Ok i dont condone fleeing the uk just so you all know. But time and time again im asked about how do you flee the uk safely well here are a few pointers and only written this report purely because it is asked and supply and demand pmsl even the controversial infomation.

While you’re pregnant you aren’t doing anything wrong by moving abroad to a different country your baby is not ear tagged until it is born.

Also remember you can legally take your children out of this country and abroad for 28 days before they can report you for abduction charges to the police to investigate.

Be emotionally prepared to leave everything behind you in the U.K. including your family.

Liquidating money and assets

• After 28 days the UK police can freeze all your bank accounts all your transactions and all money going in and out of your account all cheques all transactions assets card payments the lot will bounce and remember all transactions you try to do leaves a Trace and will give the authorites the date the time and also the precise location of where you are.

• So be ready be prepared to leave without a bank account or a Trace you will need to learn very quickly on how to become invisible you need to liquidate all your assets by removing all your money well in advance this must be done over a period of time which I’ll explain a little further on don’t worry there are other ways to banking your money one would be to ask friend but only if you trust them well enough but do not I repeat do not use a joint account the courts will freeze this account to and all the money of the joint account holder will also be frozen so please protect them as well.

• Before you leave you must learn to use and move money without using your name do not leave a paper Trail keep your cash out of the bank sell whatever you can before you leave the UK you’ve got to liquidate all your assets which I will explain a bit further on.

• If you own your own car sell it before you leave the UK because after the 28 days all these actions that I’m explaining to you then become illegal.

• Everything you sell make sure your buyer knows you want cash only do not accept any checks bank transfers nothing cash only on everything you sell this is very important do not accept cheques at all as they have to have time to clear.

• Keep all your cash out of the banks start early by withdrawing all your savings bit by bit if you have two accounts like most people do they usually have one for saving and one for everyday use what you do is your first withdraw £300 from your ATM  then  secondly go into the bank and you asked two withdrawal £500 noun you can transfer £300 from your savings over to your everyday account and do the same again and don’t forget you can always ask for cash back in the shops and order online from eBay bins it might want to take with you or need for the journey please remember do not draw attention to yourself slowly bit by bit you siphon out your savings.

• Remember all sums of £2,000 and over on deposits and withdrawals are notified to the police under suspicious activities so always keep your daily withdrawals within the £2,000 limit.

• After you’ve drained your bank account strong I close them down completely.


• Do not miss someone to drive you to an airport or to a ferry dock that person will go to prison they will be charged with aiding and abetting so take a bloody taxi protect your family and your loved ones you may need them later on.

• Now if your passport is halfway through its 10 years extend all passports get new ones so you have the maximum amount stay out of the country before your passports run out if any of your parents or grandparents or Irish you’re automatically entitled to an Irish passport this is a good idea by the way an Irish passport does not have RFID chips or biometrics which makes it harder for the government to track and trace. Use your new passports to leave the UK they will go undetected by the police.

• Another way is if you’re entitled to a dual passport because one of your parents is born in a different country then look into this option as well as it gains you entry into another country legally and automatically.

• Do you not travel anywhere by plane after the 28 days at all only travel using public transport like trains buses coaches hovercrafts and ferries all cheaper than flights anyway do not fly at all airports will track you and notify the airport ahead and the police will be waiting for you at the other end.

Where is safe to go

Now you might be thinking, where am I going to go ? which country is safe ? so here is a few pointers.

Stick to non-extradition countries.

Northern Ireland

Never go to Northern Ireland at all it is under the U.K. now we move onto Northern Ireland this is British remember brexit will lead to the Break-Up of the UK. So it is no good going to Northern Ireland if Northern Ireland was to become independent then they would join the Republic which would cause Unionist to fight 30 years of the IRA bombing murders etc etc to try to gain an united Ireland whilst loyalist fight against it.. Scottish SNP are talking to Sinn Fein IRA to look at options for both Scotland and Northern Ireland staying in Europe Northern Ireland has severe threat levels for dissidenr republicans.

Southern Ireland  

If you need a quick exit go to the Republic of Ireland, southern Ireland EIRE, because it is classed as Europe, cases heard as European Court sounds is probably better out of the two as it’s outside UK Court jurisdiction plus Southern Ireland courts don’t take no s*** off the UK authorities.

The constitution of the republic of Ireland prevents all forced adoption, so in the EIRE you will be using the legal system of the EIRE against the U.K children's services

Mobile phone

• Now let's look at mobile phones next shall we. Do not take it with you it will be tracked and traced mobile signal is triangulated to locate you don’t forget UK government records all landline and mobile conversations and text messages also GCHQ will be recording you so don’t phone your family never discuss plans or what it’s like where you are etc etc over a mobile phone never use MSN Messenger only ever use encrypted messaging apps like Signal app which is end-to-end encryption or which is a free encrypted MSN service and which allows you to send free encrypted emails.

• Even if you change your SIM card your handset still sends a separate ID and is just as easily trackable do not do anything in your own name at all. Only use a pay-as-you-go mobile SIM add mobile no contracts and never register your pay-as-you-go under your real name or address.

• If you must phone home try to use a landline phone or a phone owned and registered to other people previously.

Medical treatment and emergencies

If you use an NHS card abroad for any medical treatment the UK police will be alerted as to where you are. Many fleeing families get caught through the NHS so if you have to get any kind of medical treatment then either pay privately or be prepared two quickly leave that country behind you soon after you received the medical treatment and to move on to the next country auntie start all over again.

25 Jun 2019
Here is the guidelines.
Here is the guidelines.

Here is a useful piece of information on the pro's and con's of whether to register your baby or not.

Ok so a little while ago Michele Simmons privately messaged me asking if I knew anything about social workers registering babies at birth As if they were the social workers own babies, someone enquired to a social worker how they could take a baby that wasn't yet registered and the social worker told him they could and would register the birth of the baby themselves. 🤔🤔🤔. Ok so it got me thinking and I did some homework on it and guess what guys it says that anyone who has responsibility for the child can register the birth and you can choose any first and last name you want so guessing legally speaking social worker could And if a social worker has done this then legally she can as she would be using the loop hole within the law because I'm sure the government mean when they say any surname like mum's or dad's or referring to double barrelled surnames but a social worker using this loop for her own means is legal You could take her to court under ultra vires laws overstepping her powers of authority I'm guessing that not registering your baby at birth and listening to people going on about common law does parents no favours my advice if social workers are using this loophole is to GET YOUR BABIES REGISTERED ASAP !!!!!
12 May 2019

Remember the legalities of babysitting.

The law on this is very vague that parents are often  left scratching their heads over this area of the law.

There is no minimum legally specified age on children babysitting in the UK the law does not specify if a young adult can be left on there own or how old they needs to be to babysit. 

However the NSPCC advises that if a child is under 12yrs of age they should not be left home alone during the day for long periods of time and if the teenager is under 16yrs old then they should not be left on their own or in charge of their siblings overnight.

It is the parents legal responsible for their child's safety under the Children and Young Persons Act 1993 that parent's can be prosecuted for wilful neglect if they leave a child unsupervised, but the police can and do use their own discretion in judging babysitting, it is still the parents responsibility if anything should go wrong and a child is harmed or in danger while they are left at home on there own or left to babysit a younger sibling and they are under the age of 16 years old and the police were to get called out and concerns are raised about a parent then they can and are prosecuted. Punishment is from a simple fine up to 10 years' imprisonment.

A health visitor once told me that 14 is the legal age at which a child can babysit another child. Then a little later on another mum from the group with three kids left her 14yr old son in charge of his younger brother while she went to the shops for 30 minutes ended up being suspended from her job for 18 months she is a health care assistant in the Thames Valley area and was cautioned by the old bill all because she left her children unsupervised at home.

Thats about the best advise i can offer and tried to give you a broad spectrum from some of the mums i help what im saying is its basically down to you but be extremely careful about it.

10 Jan 2020